Catalog Services


Use your procurement system to connect to and access the products you need to add to your requisition list. Punch Out is an eProcurement technology that makes it possible for a customer buyer to access a supplier's eCatalog web site from within the customer's own eProcurement application. The buyer leaves (punches out) their companys'  system and goes to the suppliers eCatalog to source products, while their application transparently maintains a connection with the web site and gathers pertinent information. The shopping cart product data and customer specific pricing are returned electronically to the buyer's web procurement application and displayed. A purchase order is then generated from the application and transmitted to Graybar for fulfillment. Selection of products can be done using a keyword search, a favorite list or by entering them in the Quick Order feature. You can review your price and product availability for items and get in depth information if needed. You can access all of the features or you can restrict access based on your company preferences.

  • Supports most procurement systems
  • Access to all functions
  • Ability to restrict access to specific products
  • Ability to restrict available functions
  • Ability to customize site

Graybar can also provide an electronic file of catalog items to customers who utilize their own procurement systems for sourcing products. Hosted catalogs are powerful sophisticated yet simple method for Graybar customers to purchase material from Graybar. Hosted catalogs are content and price files created by Graybar and sent to a third party vendor or directly to a customer. The hosted catalog provides the end user (shopper) with a "one stop" shopping experience. The end user can type in keywords and search across many supplier catalogs simultaneously. They can compare products, view pricing and add items to their cart directly from the search results.