Estimation Software

Customers can access pricing for thousands of items directly from their desktop using estimation software. Graybar can provide regularly updated price files for estimating software packages including Accubid, Cert-In, Con Est, Estimation, Jaffe, McCormick Systems, Traser, TurboBid and Vision Infosoft.

Graybar also works with NetPricer to provide pricing directly to the customer's computer through the internet. Using Graybar's price file you can automatically price common type items such as lighting and gear packages. Graybar's eChannel solutions will allow the customer to complete pricing electronically, minimizing the potential for data entry errors. Our solutions are designed to support quicker turnaround on your requests for pricing since only special items need to be reviewed and quoted by our Graybar representative.

  • Graybar's eChannel solutions are designed to provide our customers with the following advantages:
  • Pricing available on more than 100,000 products
  • Regular price updates
  • Reduction in estimation cycle time
  • Compatible with various estimation software packages