Inventory Management




Imagine an inventory management system so accurate and reliable, it frees up more of our customer's time to focus on improving their profitability. That's the power of Graybar SmartStock, the latest way Graybar can help customers work more efficiently and productively.

With Graybar SmartStock the customer can save time, hassle and money. They can enhance their inventory visibility and improve product forecasting. In addition, provide them with a better understanding of buying trends. Increase order accuracy and on time deliveries. Shorten lead times and lower the cost of purchase orders.

Every type of customer can benefit from a SmartStock solution:

  • Small, medium and large companies
  • Single location and multi-location companies
  • Original equipment manufacturers (OEM)
  • Industrial facility maintenance, repair and operations (MRO)
  • Hospitals and other health care facilities
  • Educational facilities – K-12 and higher education
  • Government agencies and military bases
  • Hotels, motels and other hospitality companies

Choose from three different SmartStock Solutions:

SmartStock Basic – Automate the use and replenishment of your Graybar inventory using a Smartphone and barcoding. Orders are automatically received, processed and replenishment orders are shipped automatically.

SmartStock Plus – Automate the use and replenishment of your Graybar inventory via our own PDA scanner, barcoding and sophisticated order processes. Save time and money with Graybar's replenishment logic while reducing counting and receiving errors.

SmartStock Select – Graybar's more sophisticated scanner and inventory management software to improve visibility in real time and maximize savings of time, effort and money. Inventory management system works with your customer's entire inventory including Graybar and their other vendors. Order track, measure and replenish items electronically and customize more than 40 reports to fit their precise reeds.

Customers will benefit from whatever SmartStock solution that works best for them. SmartStock benefits include:

  • Optimize Procurement Processes
  • Reduce Inventory Errors And Costs
  • Reduce Stock Outs
  • Manage Entire Inventory
  • Increased Inventory Visibility
  • Custom Tracking And Reporting
  • Just In Time Inventory
  • Cost Savings