Process Efficiency

Work smarter and more profitably throughout all areas of your business with these innovative services. We can boost your efficiency in managing orders, monitoring project status and streamlining processes. Graybar has e-commerce capabilities that integrate with our customers' procurement and accounting systems to give anytime, anywhere access to critical information.


As a technology leader, Graybar has e-commerce capabilities that integrate with our customers' procurement systems and give anytime, anywhere access to critical information. Customers can visit to find products, place orders and check on transactions. Graybar also uses EDI and XML to facilitate the electronic exchange of standard business documents, and we support several e-procurement systems and customer e-marketplaces.

Electronic Estimation

Access your pricing for thousands of items directly from your desktop using your estimating software. Graybar can provide regularly updated price files for estimating software packages including Accubid, Cert-In, ConEst, Estimation, Jaffe, McCormick Systems, Traser, TurboBid and Vision InfoSoft.

Punch Out And Catalog Syndication

Use your procurement system to connect to and access the products you need to add to your requisition list. Selection of products can be done using search, a favorites list or by entering them in the Quick Order feature. You can review your price and availability for items and get in-depth product information if needed. You can access all of the features or you can restrict access based on your company preferences. We can also provide an electronic file of catalog items to customers who utilize their own procurement systems but do not have the ability to punch out to​.


We understand how busy you are. That's why Graybar gives you the accurate, up-to-date information you need to stay on top of your construction projects. You'll save time and money because you'll know the status of any job, anytime, anywhere. You'll eliminate waiting for materials that short-shipped or didn't ship at all. And you won't spend hours on the phone tracking down missing items.

Electronic Systems Integration

Graybar supports our customer's eProcurement initiatives by interfacing with a variety of ERP systems, software providers and marketplaces. We support system-to-system integration. Graybar utilizes EDI, XML and other proprietary data formats to exchange business information and documents with our customers.

Evaluated Receipt Settlement

Receiving and payable functions are among the most costly procurement processes. Graybar will support your efforts in paperless receiving and payables processing by providing the necessary information electronically and allowing you to eliminate invoices entirely.


Graybar customers can now choose to receive invoices as attachments to e-mail or receiving e-mail notifications of new invoices available for download. E-invoicing provides fast delivery of invoices, facilitates easy electronic filing and is eco-friendly. Electronic invoices can be stored in customers' online document storage systems without the need for scanning. Electronic invoice files contain a single copy of each invoice, whereas paper invoices are printed in duplicate.