Customers can access reports and data 24/7 from their office, home or on the road by using's online reporting tool.'s reporting tool allows customers to easily select a standard report or create their own report or data file. Customers can create various types of reports or data files such as sales, usage and billing.'s online reporting tool allows customers to select from a list of standard reports or create your own report or data file. The data file can be imported into Excel, Access or any reporting software.

Create custom reports or data files using's robust search criteria and data selection options such as:

  • Purchase Order Status
  • Billing Status
  • Account/Facilities/Projects
  • Date Ranges
  • Purchase Order Numbers
  • Product Types

Whatever report option is selected, our customers have the right data to make informative business decisions. Examples of sales, usage and billing data include:

  • Account Names
  • Purchase Order Numbers
  • Order Status
  • Billing Status
  • Customer Part Numbers
  • Invoice Numbers
  • Product Data
  • Sell Prices/Tax/Freight/Extended Values
  • Order/Billing Dates

Put the power of reporting in our customer hands by using's online reporting tool.​