SmartStock - Inventory Management

With Graybar's SmartStock, you can save time, hassle, and a lot of money. The customer can enhance their inventory visibility and improve forecasting. Plus, they can understand buying trends better. Increase order accuracy and on time deliveries.  Shorten lead times and lower the cost of purchase orders. And increase levels – all from a system that is easy to use and deploy.

Here are our SmartStock offerings:

  • SmartStock Basic
  • SmartStock Plus
  • SmartStock Level 1
  • SmartStock Level 2
  • SmartStock Level 3
  • SmartStock Vending

SmartStock Basic – Graybar SmartStock Basic is our basic, manual service for smaller and simpler inventories that need to be checked regularly.
       •  Easy-to-use process features, spreadsheets or forms for tracking inventory
       •  Ideal for non-critical inventories of 50 items or less
       •  Cost-effective way to streamline procurement and accounts payable functions
       •  Spend less time receiving, restocking and managing inventory
       •  Reduce data entry and associated errors

SmartStock Plus - Use your iPhone or Android phone for smaller inventories that need to be checked and ordered regularly. Streamline procurement while spending less time with receiving, restocking and accounts payable.  Orders are sent seamlessly to Graybar for delivery when you need it. This allows you to focus your resources elsewhere while reducing your internal supply chain costs.
       •  Easy to use and implement
       •  No software or usage fees
       •  Select items to replenish by using drop down list on iPhone/iPad App, Android or use device camera to scan QR code
       •  Ability to assign PO or job number prior to transmitting order
       •  Consistent pricing maintained via connection to Graybar pricing
       •  Can be managed by both the customer and/or Graybar personnel

SmartStock Select – Graybar's most sophisticated scanner and inventory management software to improve visibility in real time and maximize savings of time, effort and money. This system works with your entire inventory including Graybar and other vendors. Order track, measure and replenish electronically and access to over 40 reports that are customizable.  There are 3 levels of SmartStock Select to meet simple to complex inventory management needs.  Level I uses an iPhone or iPad to complete reordering.  Level II uses iPhones or iPads to manage material checkouts as well as the reordering process.  Level III uses a scanner and computer software to manage all aspects of inventory management as well as reusable asset management.
    •  With better visibility, you'll always know what you have, what you don't and what you need next
    •  Improved communication drives savings and efficiencies that you may not have thought possible until now
    •  Reduce inventory errors and costs
    •  Optimize your procurement processes
    •  Reduce stock outs, and therefore, costly down time
    •  Custom tracking and reporting improves inventory and enhances efficiencies even more (for example, using cost codes or phase codes)
    •  Graybar can assist with the selection of the right inventory in the right quantities
    •  Manage your entire inventory, both Graybar and non-Graybar items. Three separate part number fields empower you to track items any way you want
    •  The system can pay for itself in as few as 60 days
    •  Implementation is fast (as little as 2 weeks), and our system can integrate seamlessly with yours

There are many benefits of choosing a SmartStock inventory management solution.
    •  Cost effective ways to streamline procurement and accounts payable functions.
    •  Spend less time receiving, restocking and managing inventory.
    •  Reduce data entry and associated errors.
    •  Lower your cost of storeroom operations.